Mr Wilkins


Mr Wilkins

(2012, New Zealand)

Short narrative film


Maya Hammarsal

Duration:  10:30

Post production finished November 2012


When Janice Hockney gets a letter from her son’s teacher, asking her to come and see him, she’s goes ready to battle it out with her former teacher - Mr Wilkins.  When she finds his son Paul, has replaced him, she’s determined that Paul won’t put her down like his father did.  Faced with Janice’s prejudices Paul re-negotiates their old classroom relationship, enabling Janice to move on from her painful past.

Production Facts: 

Mr Wilkins was filmed at Wellington High School over two weekends, in January 2012, using a predominantly female cast and crew.  It was Maya’s first experience of directing drama on screen.  In fact, it was the first time she’d been on a film set! 

The shoot was an ethical one with native trees planted at the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary, to off set the carbon footprint, and vegan products only used.

Mr Wilkins was selected for a grant from the Emerging Artists Trust, Wellington in 2011. 

Film poster artwork:  Stephen Walton, Runtime Consultancy

Photos:  Maya on set with April and Gregor.

Gregor Cameron as Paul Wilkins with April Phillips as Janice Brand

Cast/Crew and Industry Screening

29 November 2012

“How wonderfully entertaining both your films were! I could watch movies like that every night. You have done something special, and so professional. Can't wait to see more over the years.”  Audience member.

Stars:  April Phillips and Gregor Cameron


                                                           Director:  Maya Hammarsal

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