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Maya Hammarsal

  1. Accredited & Certified EFT Practitioner

  2. Advanced Reiki practitioner (Ushi Holy Fire)

  3. Qualified & registered Occupational Therapist

  4. Creative artist

  5. Mother and wife

  6. Vegan

  7. Environmentalist

  8. Spiritual seeker

  9. Enabler

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I’ve studied a range of intuitive modalities and guided meditation methods.

As a seeker I’ve studied and undertaken a range of spiritual practices and initiations.

I’ve undertaken a journey of transformation from a mixed diet to a plant based one.

I help you to have balance and well-being as you go from a place of surviving to thriving!

Using a range of therapeutic modalities, tailored to your individual needs, I work with you to gain insight into your: problems, emotional distress, limiting beliefs and habits, unhelpful desires and fears.

My aim is to aid you to work through your life’s challenges to heal, rehabilitate and transform your body and mind and to let your spirit soar.

Basically to have a life that works for you, in the way you need it to - Functional Lives.

Maya’s Therapeutic Roots


Maya is registered with the following governing bodies:

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner:  EFT International

Reiki Practitioner Member:

Reiki New Zealand.

OT Registered, not practicing in NZ:  OTBNZ

I qualified and worked as an Occupational Therapist in the UK.

Where amongst other roles, I held the position of Clinical Specialist OT in forensic mental health.

I was Chair of OT in Work Practice and Productivity (Work) - an organization which promoted the role of OT in helping disabled people access the workplace or those experiencing illness returning to work.

‘I really appreciated Maya's sincerity and professionalism during our sessions and her commitment to follow up with me after the sessions.' Tessa C.

From my health profession background, I draw on a wide skill set and work experience.  I use this in my current role along with same high professional standards.