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Maya Hammarsal,

MA, BA(Hons,) Dip OT

Accredited and Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Advanced Reiki Healer

Registered Occupational Therapist


Do you want to:

Overcome barriers to well-being ?

Lose limiting beliefs?

Untangle complex issues?

Combat stress?

Dissolve emotional blocks?

Soothe pain - emotional / physical?

Heal grief and loss?

Kick stale habits?

Control fear / anxiety?

Manage trauma?

Gain self esteem?

Enable clear thinking?

Evolve your spirit?

Improve performance?

Empower creativity?

Function fully and with confidence?

Find serenity?

If your answer is YES to any of these contact Maya to discuss the solution to your problems.

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Email:    Functionallives@iclcoud.com

Phone:  +64 (0)4 586 1066

Skype:  MHammarsal

‘Thank you Maya for helping me to find a way through my mental blocks that had been accompanied by strong feelings of negativity about many things in my life.’  Lesley R.